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Reply to "Joe Biden pulls out the Race Card yet again"

L. Cranston posted:
direstraits posted:

Flubbermouth Joe can be partially ignored, for now.  If, he becomes a serious contender, simply ramp up the investigation into the Ukraine scandal.  I understand the Ukraine AG has reopened it.  Biden family profited from the ex pro-Russian Ukraine president (now in exile in Russian).  Add, their work in China where the family profited again.

Biden said he got a phone call from Margaret Thatcher, recently, she was worried about Trump as president.  I suspect, the late Baroness Thatcher called to tell him he's being recalled.  There will be a warm reception for him. But, she won't be attending. 

Sounds just like Putin and Trump. Republican hypocrisy at its finest. 

Who was it that leaned over to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev  affectionately claiming he will have more flexibility to give concessions after the election, and he wins.  Was that Trump?  NO!  The Democratic leadership thows a Russian bone out in the media yard and all the yard dogs go yapping over it for an eternity.  I guess the Muller Report had no bearing or believability as apparently you haven't heard. read, or believed ... Trump and/or his Campaign or anyone in his Campaign, of any significance, had any collusion with Russia.

BTW ... Russian attempted interference in the 2016 election was happening BEFORE the election when Democrats (i.e. Obama) was in office.  If there was interference why did Obama and his Administration allow it?  Why didn't they stop it?  Why did Obama downplay any Russian interference and saying it couldn't happen and even ridiculing Trump for indicating that they might could.


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