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Just Think about it.

Remember how devastated that Hillary, along with most all the Media outlets, were when they realized that Donald Trump had prevailed in the 2016 election?   All the fearful looks as results came in and then the shock and awe along with utter look of devastation on the reporters/commentator's faces?   How about even to this day the delusions and derangement of most liberals, Democrats, and media folks failing to accept the Election of Donald Trump.

They are all beside themselves but just THINK about one other thing.  Just know and consider just how devastated and in a state of continual derangement that Hillary Clinton must still be in?  Hillary still cannot accept defeat even after all this time and still comes up with countless and different excuses for the reason she lost, all of which never involves her own fault or anything she did.  So as the continual number of Democrats and liberals as well as most of the Mainstream Media shows themselves to be totally beside themselves filled with anger, and derangement just know Hillary must wake every day just thinking about how she lost her chance to make history being the first (1st) Woman to win the Presidency ... 


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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