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Reply to "Just Think about it."

Jack Hammer posted:
OK, assignment time, Try to have L. clamup tell you why liberalism
is what you should base your life, future, family, success on over
our present form of life.   huh

Well, since you're not going to shut up until I answer this, I'll go ahead and give it to you.
To use the term "liberal/liberalism" as an insult, as Jack and most of the Conservatives around here do, means they don't like the principles of a Liberal or Liberalism. None of them can tell you what platform Liberals support... only what their Conservative Media has told them it represents.... Here's a list of what's important to 'Liberals/Democrats'.

We want equal justice for all races.

We want a social safety net in case times get tough.

We want limited government interference in our lives.

We want the government to regulate industry to preserve our planet.. water, air, natural resources/environment.

We want to educate the population. An educated nation is a prosperous nation.

We think healthcare is a right not a privilege.

We want equal rights regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or national heritage.

We want corporations to pay their taxes.

We want the 1% to pay their fair share of taxes.

 Now, since I've taken the time to address your 'lesson', how about you do the same? What's so great about Conservatives that they should be allowed to tell everyone how to live and conduct their lives?


Jack, here's your assignment. Answer your own question.
What about Conservatives should make me want to base my life, family, business, safety... Over the ideas of Liberalism?

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