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Reply to "Let the voter beware."

Jack Hammer posted:
The on going comment by the Dems is, I'll reverse Trump's bad laws.
When they're called out to explain it can't be done, they lie. 

The overwhelming majority of "trump's bad laws" are nothing more than Executive Orders which  can be reversed by another presidential order. So , yes they can be undone (but probably not in one day ) 
Among the first that should be ended are all trump's orders that harm the environment , like giving coal companies and power companies carte blanche to dump their poisonous waste in our rivers, streams and lakes .   Most of trump's war against clean air, water and ground can also be un-done. 
Him giving away our national lands and parks to mining and drilling companies could be stopped, but IDK if the ones already tearing up our National Parks can be stopped , but stopping more would be possible .
Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord could be done day one, and rejoining the Iran non nuclear treaty could happen , as well as lifting those sanctions .
De scheduling marijuana could be started, but probably would take a lot longer than "day one" . That is something that trump , Obama,  Bush2, and Clinton should have done long ago .


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