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Reply to "maga hats confront Native Elder"

Naio posted:
Stanky posted:
direstraits posted:

We are now truly in the middle of the Crazy Years. Where truth is considered a subversive activity. 

Yep, the world has become a Mel Brooks script, insanity rules. In this bizarro world, it's perfectly fine if adults are childish but children of a hated demographic are expected to be far wiser than the adults. From what I've seen, that smiling boy deserves an apology, not the drum beating provocateur.

Our country is being run by a childish adult. I'm hoping the children will do better than us.

We got rid of the most incompetent administration in history over two years ago. Republicans warned that an academic with no executive experience was a mistake.  Which with the worst economic recovery in over 100 years and a doubled national debt proved true.  Worse than Carter.  But, probably not quite as bad as President Wilson -- progressive, racist Democrat. 

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