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Reply to "My Apology To O No!"

quote:  Originally Posted by b50m:

LOL Bill.  I cannot see how you did that one. Glad you apologized to ONO for even thinking she could be the horrible person that I am.   Whew, she might have gone to hell on my account.    Now that would be bad.   Of course in my Christian/Druid/Wiccan/New Age world, we only have meditation and weenie roasts after death.   Hahahahaha

Hi B,


My Friend, I wrote my apology to set things straight with U No -- not to put you down in any way.  What I wrote is the truth.  For a long time, I often confused what you wrote and what U No wrote -- and, wrongly attributed to her your statement about being a Wiccan Christian.


I don't know if it was you or not -- but, several years ago I had a running dialogue with a lady on the Religion Forum who assured us that she was a Wiccan Christian -- and she was serious.  She told us about their coven meetings, their rituals, etc. -- and continued to claim she was Christian.


I suppose that when you chose to make the same claim last year, I thought you were her.   And, I thought we were just picking up our past dialogue.  It would appear that you are not that lady -- for you tell us you are not a Christian; while she continued to claim she was a Christian.


B, I was wrong to attribute the New Age religion you claimed to U No.  It would have been just as wrong to have confused her with a Roman Catholic, or any other belief -- for that is not her.  In doing this, I, in no way, said you are a bad person.  What I have said, and I will stand by it -- is that any and all New Age religions are wrong.  They are not Christian.


So, before, when you claimed to be a Wiccan Christian, I called you on it.  You later told us you were only kidding.  Okay, I can buy that.  But, I still am concerned that you tell us you are NOT a Christian believer.   Does this make you a bad person?   No.  But, unless you change your direction and begin to follow Jesus Christ -- you do not have eternal life in Christ.


Why is this so important?  Well, if you are a Christ Follower, you will spend eternity in the presence of God.  If you choose to not be a Christ Follower, you will spend eternity NOT in the presence of God.  If one is not in the presence of God in heaven -- there is only one other possible eternal destination.  And, you and I both know that is hell.


So, B, it is not a matter of whether you are a good person or a bad person.  It is only a matter of whether you are a saved person or an unsaved person. 


You tell us you are not a Christian at this time.  I pray that you will choose to change that.  I sincerely would like to meet you in heaven one day.  Then, you, U No, and I can laugh about this for eternity.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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