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Reply to "My Apology To O No!"

quote:  Originally Posted by semiannualchick:
quote:  Originally Posted by b50m:

It's all good Bill.  It doesn't bother me what you wrote.  No, I am not a Christian. I'm not Druid, Wiccan or New Age either.  My faith and beliefs don't have a convenient pigeon hole.  But I'm fine, thanks for asking.

It's none of Bill's business, b, but you have a good attitude.

Hi Chick,


A good attitude, and $2, will get you a cup of coffee -- but, it will not get you nor anyone else into heaven.  All the good deeds, all the good thoughts, all the magnificent efforts mean nothing if you have not asked Him to be your personal Lord and Savior before that last breath.


Yes, there will be many folks in hell who have done many good deeds.  And, there will be many folks in heaven who have done many bad deeds.  So, what is the difference?


Glad you asked.  The folks in heaven are those who chose, through their God-given "free will" to turn away from the world which had made those bad deeds attractive and turned to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (Revelation 3:20).


The folks in hell are those who continued to follow the world, who continued to either deny God or to ignore God until they breathed their last breath -- and, then, it was too late.  I pray that you, Chick, B, and all our non-believing Forum Friends will not allow that to happen; but, will, by grace, through faith, become a Christ Follower.  I would love to fellowship with all of you in heaven.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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