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Reply to "Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research"

Originally Posted by House of David:
Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi David,


One question:  Since you are Roman Catholic, why would these people who have a Near-Death-Experience -- NOT go into Purgatory instead of heaven?  Doesn't the Roman Catholic church teach that NO ONE can enter heaven until they have been cleansed of ALL their sin?  So, would not this acceptance of the belief that a person has died, or nearly died, and gone into heaven negate the teaching of Purgatory?


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



whether or not a soul goes to Heaven, Hell, or  some (not all)  souls spend some time in purgatory before entry into heaven - these "destinations" are determined at judgment.   NDE's are glimpses of the other side not judgement before God.  Judgement is reserved at the time of actual death.

 When we stand before the judgement seat - Bema seat of  Christ. 

What joy.


Sadly, I wonder if the atheist know that there is a White Throne from which God will specifically judge the non believers..............


Bill...........HoD said that well, Thats why it's called "near death"

I can't say if everyone has a request from God to do when back on earth,

but it's seems always the case.

Catholics aren't the only NDE people.

You'll know for sure when you aren't going back.



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