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Reply to "new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge."

L. Cranston posted:
Stanky posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Perhaps you should tell the Treasury Department. Facts don't have a side, they're just facts.

Revenue effects of major tax bills since 1968. Table 2. Page 3.

Not sure about their methodology, but looking at the goobermint's revenue figures:




Except for the recession caused by the Fed wringing out inflation, I would say that revenue grew over the Reagan era. But I guess with enough political "what if" assumptions from the politicians who asked for the Treasury report, anything can happen.

Nice attempt , but who is arguing that revenue didn't increase? Taxes were raised almost every year after the cuts of 81.

Let me put it in terms even Dire can understand.
Tax cuts of 81, around 2.8% of gdp
total of tax increases until 1990 2.9% of gdp.

Republicans made huge cuts in 81 and spent the next 8 years increasing taxes trying to gain revenue.

Uh, tax rates were slashed in 1986 or did you forget that. I might note that even Clinton and Ol'bama never hiked rates back to the pre-1986 levels.

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