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Reply to "Noahs Ark Found!"

Originally posted by thomaswayne0907:
physically impossible for 2 of EVERY animal to fit on there.

The only possible way that Noah's Ark, or any vessel could have saved "every animal" would be in the case of a limited flood that miraculously covered only that portion of the earth occupied by the evil men and women that were to be destroyed by the flood. The saved animals would be only those found within that relatively small part of the earth. But the hard-line conservatives will not accept that. Thus, the burden lies with them to show how New World (North American and South and Central American) animals made it to the ark. I have not found anyone who could explain that except by claiming that God made it happen miraculously.

If God needed to destroy sinful mankind, saving righteous Noah, why would He have had to flood the entire earth, since in the time Noah lived, presumably the human race occupied a very limited territory?

And, by the way, I don't buy into the Usher Chronology, so I do not accept the 4,800 year datum as the time of Noah.

Another dilemma for the literalists: If the earth was entirely flooded, was it a freshwater flood or a saltwater flood. If it was the former, then the saltwater-dependent species would have died out during the flood. If it was the latter, then the freshwater species would have all perished. My limited flood theory does not have to worry about such things.

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