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Reply to "NTSB to release Prem report on Air Evac crash"

The pilot that was interviewed in todays article about the Air Evac crash did a good job. He noted that it was only his opinion and he had only observed what had been posted by the NTSB.

Since I have mentioned the conditions known as "LTE" and "settling with power" earlier I would also like to acknowledge "compressor stall" as well.

This could happen with a dissruption of airflow over the intake into the engine...The most common cause is the ingestion of a bird or foriegn object. But isnt limited to ingestion...It can occur when the airflow is dissrupted for any reason.

Compressor stalls can cause a compressor surge which in turn can cause one or more extremely loud bangs or pops emanating from the engine as the combustion process "backfires". This may be accompanied by an increased exhaust gas temperature (flames), and yawing of the aircraft (spinning) due to a loss of RPM's at the tail rotor.

All compressor stalls result in a loss of engine power. This power failure may only be momentary (occurring so quickly it is barely registered on engine instruments), or may shut the engine down completely.......

Check this out. It is a compressor stall after a bird was ingested through the intake.

My point here is just to elaborate more about what the article was talking about. I would also like to point out that there are so many variables that it would be impossible to conclude what happened at this point. I am only elaborating further on this topic and NOT suggesting it was a compressor stall that initiated the accident....I just dont know.

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