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Oprah soundly white people to admit that they're 'racist'

In response to a video in which Oprah Winfrey encourages white people to admit they are racist, radio legend Rush Limbaugh pummeled the popular black author and former television host.

"This country is defined by people who came from nothing, like she did," Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Wednesday.

"How in the world did she do it with so much white privilege and so much racism? Who in the world screwed up and let The Oprah become a billionaire? Which one of you white people made that mistake? Was it one of the King brothers who was her first syndicator? Who was it? Somebody really goofed up big time allowing The Oprah to become a billionaire. And not just a billionaire but one of the most powerful people in the country."

Limbaugh was reacting to Winfrey's discussion with NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho on a recent episode of "The Oprah Conversation," as several white guests admitted their racism.

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Just me, the reason Oprah hates White people so much when it comes

right down to it is the fact that she ain't White.

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