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Reply to "PBA54, r u local or..."

Originally posted by AM,
Forum Users:

Please note we strive to keep the forums a place where users feel welcome to debate.

The Member Agreement states:

"Users are encouraged to debate, but do not attack.

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Then why is PBA54 showing up again as PBA? Sounds like PBA54 username was banned...and has come back from the wilderness in the form of just PBA......

When I adminned on, in addtion to usernames getting banned, all known IP addresses and e-mail addresses were also banned. Me thinks if PBA54 was banned by you, Admin, then you need to ban the above things I listed.

I have ZERO respect for PBA, PBA54, etc. He/She/It follows to the "T" what an internet troll is. I beieve in debate, yes...but not personal attacks that this individual has done. I refuse to debate or say kind words about this individual, period. You can't debate someone who instead wants a flame war.

BTW, for the rest of you guys/gals on the forum: I do not think PBA/PBA54 is Shoals Lover. Why do I think this? Shoals Lover wanted me to make pics for him of the Buffalo Soldier monument here at FT Leavenworth, KS. I have yet to receive a PM, thred reply, or e-mail from Shoals Lover....In fact, when I hadn't made the pics after 3 days when I promised Shoals Lover I would, Shoals Lover PM'ed me, asking me when I was going to do it. 10 days after posting them, I have yet to hear from Shoals Lover....

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