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Reply to "Racism..."

Originally posted by WH:
Originally posted by kkelley:
Seems like an inspirational speech of encouragement to continue working and studying to become a positive contributor to the world today. She spoke to all graduates. They were just graduates who had worked and studied hard to achieve a degree. Were there segments of her speech omitted?

In speaking in terms of 'you' I heard no primary colors mentioned but a collective 'you' meaning all graduates.

My post is regarding the First Lady's address at a graduation ceremony.

The President is not the subject. Liking or approving the current President's politics/policy/cabinet issues was never on the agenda at graduation. Why bring up the speech at all? Whether you are adressing approval or disapproval of a person, a race, a club, organization, whatever ~ it should have been posted under an appropriate topic.

WH, where do you see the address as a subversive attempt to 'revert this country to
a third world status'? I can take up inner city issues, baggy britches, fatherless children elsewhere. The link you posted was regarding college graduation. ??????

Lets summarize...

The first lady gave an impassioned speech to 270 graduates of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff that referenced the legacy of their historically black school, which opened in 1873 with seven students, most of whom could barely read.

Obama said those first students, only a decade removed from slavery , had no guarantee of opportunity once they graduated.

King's Arkansas speech came a year after federal troops protected nine black students attending all-white Little Rock Central High School. Michelle Obama's speech came more than a year after the university's 260-piece band marched in the inaugural parade for her husband, the nation's first black president.

People in the audience said they hope her appearance draws more attention to historically black colleges.

Graham said students from across the country seek out his university because they want to attend a traditionally black college. The band has students from as far as California and Florida as well as neighboring states, he said.

Seems pretty much black to me.

Again you must not know or refuse to acknowledge what Historically Black College or University means.

How can you twist saying students were denied a high school because they were black, as being racist?

....the nation's first black president. It was not black people that created the one drop rule.

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