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Reply to "So, no takers?......"

Originally posted by dogsoldier0513:
GO BACK to where I discussed a THEORY making the rounds among theologians: Each 'day' of Creation was NOT a '24-hour day' as Moses knew. Many theologians theorize that a 'day' in Creation MAY HAVE BEEN as long as 100,000,000 years in duration....a mere 'blink of God's eye', so to speak.

FWIW, the Egyptians are credited with inventing 'paper'. Prior to that, animal skins and clay (wet) tablets were used to record 'history'.

As for 'why' God 'no longer speaks to us': Who says He doesn't? Try taking an 'Old Testament History' class.

Hold on a minute, I got a burning bush in the front yard I got to answer...............

Somebody check the "finger on the wall" mail....

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