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Reply to "Sweet Peppers"

I personally like their food. Although, I've not eaten their recently.

One of my close relatives /was/ the lead prep chef there, but has just recently changed job titles as it was getting to be too much for him. That /might/ be the difference now of how the food is prepared.

I will let you all in on something. If the restaurant's staff isn't working hard or hardly working that means the bossman is out of town.

In the last 6 months he's went out of town back to MS two or three times, that I know of, and when he's gone a lot of the server's get lax.

I suggest if anyone else has that problem to call the manager/boss and let him know. Hopefully he'll be able to fix it. Smiler

As food goes though, I agree their prices are a little high on some things, but the food every time I've been was good. However, that's still when my relative did the main prep too.


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