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Reply to "TD No Longer Free After 8/26"

Originally Posted by semiannualchick:

I was talking about Quaildog. I didn't know Seven was talking about Contendah.


 Originally Posted by Seven:

I WAS talking about QD aka Rrammlimn. I have no problem with Contendah. 


I guess I overlooked a post somewhere. The post by Vic responding to Quaildog is the reason I said I didn't know you were talking about Contendah. I thought when Vic said "they", that he meant you were one of the "they". Sorry for the mix-up. I'm human, probably won't be the last mistake I make. 

I've posted them below so you can see what I was referring to.

Originally Posted by Quaildog:

You are so sweet semi. You may be the model for my next painting.


Originally Posted by INVICTUS:

They were talking about contenduh you dumb azz.....


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