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Reply to "Texas Republicans Rally Behind Muslim Official as Some Try to Oust Him Over Religion"

Jutu posted:
L. Cranston posted:

Thanks for that highly intelligent reply.

I can see how you misunderstand a judge being impartial is the same as a Republican not being a Republican. You have the mentality of a 10 year old.

And still smarter than you! Ouchie crash, that has to hurt! I see you arguing about Republicans vs Dems on the subject of religious bigotry and being upset that you can't justify the left's bigotry. You tried by posting a non-story, then get upset when a real story, bigoted dem senators, is brought up. Why couldn't a Catholic judge be impartial? You seem to think a Muslim can be impartial. You are a bigot, just like your dem leaders.

You keep on posting those intelligent posts.
Judges being impartial is an integral part of the justice system. His ruling based on his religion instead of the law would be a waste of court time.

Republicans turning on Republicans because of Religion is only effecting Republicans.
Why couldn't a Judge of Mexican decent be impartial? That's Trump's own words! You can't stand being proven ignorant and it's still happening today. I'm tired of going in circles with someone of limited capacity of understanding. Your hate of anything you deem 'liberal' or 'Democrat' blocks your understanding and limits your ability to reason. Good day and happy blocking to you.

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