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Reply to "the great alabama republiCONS"

Crash.Override posted:
Mr. Hooberbloob posted:

Dems can thumb their noses at our federal immigration laws, yet the keep their jobs.  They can support the mutilation of babies, yet the are no consequences.  They can jeopardize national security, and then be allow to run for president.

We are better than them, and they know it.

lets see.... attempted muslim ban to keep the same children out of the country he's now worried about, no consequences. hired a NSA head who was working for two different countries. putting america's national security at risk. still president. republiCON are better than democrats. you are correct, about that, on one point... hypocrisy. republiCONS are much better at hypocrisy than democrats.

Lets see.... C.O has his permanent Loop in action with the same
reply when he won't accept the truth..
SS SS SS and more of the SS everyday, hour, minute all day. 

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