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Reply to "The Long-Term Effects of Spanking (published study)"

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I have been publicly reprimanded for swatting my child's behind in Target. A firm and swift swat. (He was prob. 6ish at the time). I was so mad that I was seething. Now, it's nobody's business how I discipline my child.
Having said that, I have witnessed a mom "whaling" on her child in a store, clearly out of control. There is an IMMENSE difference. A swift swat is sometimes what they need to keep in line. BUT in a controlled manner. Just my opinion.
Kids were much better behaved (in general) in the "Wait till your father gets home generation!"

Your quote: "Now, it's nobody's business how I discipline my child."

Question: If a father was molesting his child would it be anyone's business? Your statement implies some sort of ownership over a human being - a child. I'm just wondering where you would draw the line.

oh good god.
this is on my 'top ten list of stupidest things ever said' list.

are you seriously trying to equate child molestation with spanking?

i was begining to respect you as an intellegent, thoughtful person who was merely on the opposite end of this issue from me.

now i'm begining to think you really are one of the free-ager, leftover-hippie wannabe nutjob types that think all the kids at the ball game need to get a trophy because it would be horrible if any one acctually lost, who thinks their kids would never ever misbehave only to find out that your 15 year old is now about to be a mother because they never learned right from wrong, good form bad, smart from stupid - because all they learned is to make sure they snuck around behind moms back and if they kept her clueless they could get away with whatever and your 17 year old son is the biggest drug deal at school, because mom really believed those weird looking plants mixed in with her begonias are just a project from science class last year... you know.. a simple, oblivious bimbo with blinders on who paints a coat of laquer over how she wants to see the world and calls it the truth, regardless of how many times she's presented with cold hard fact that the world isn't a pretty fluffy place liek she wants to believe it is.

i could be wrong. i hope i'm wrong. i was begining to like you, but to put me in the same company as a child molester? that's outragously insulting and makes me more than just a little angry -


Slow down. And why aren't you putting into use the period key on your keyboard? That's one heckuva run-on sentence.

Take a deep breath and read my post again. I did not in any way imply that parents who spank their children are child molesters; I asked a question. There's a difference between asking questions and making full-on assumptions.

You are not familiar with my modus operandi, so YOU don't make assumptions yet either, okay?

....and all the kids at the ballgame shouldn't get a trophy? Big Grin

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