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Reply to "The Long-Term Effects of Spanking (published study)"

Originally posted by Eastside:
Originally posted by Buttercup:
Originally posted by vplee123:
American Academy of Pediatrics - a group that is completely against spanking. Yes, I know, their views don't matter either.

I know plenty of Pediatricians that spank. Sometimes a good old fashioned paddle/hand/switch is in each his own.

You do, huh? Names?

If they endorse spanking, they are not members of the American Academy of Pediatrics or don't support the view of the vast majority of members.

The AAP has a membership of 60K pediatricians. If these "doctors" you know aren't members, they are seriously in the minority and one would have to wonder why they aren't affiliated with the AAP. Were they kicked out for some reason? Do they have valid licenses?

Yeah, Michael Jackson was under the care of a great physician too.

I'm confused -- are you implying that a pediatrician that endorses spanking is not fit to be a peditrician or should be removed from being a pediatrician? They are entitled to their opinions as well as any researcher is -- so I don't understand why them agreeing that a swat might be just what the doctor ordered just as much as an apple a day will keep the doctor away? My pediatrician didn't have a sign on his wall telling me spanking was the best discipline, but he also wasn't big on "time out" either. He's retired now, but he was a great physician and while he gave great advice -- he never said spanking was a bad thing. Then again, there is a major difference between a spanking and a beating -- spanking and the fear of worked for me and my siblings.

I see all your research, but just like with statistics -- you can make some things bend and twist to say anything you want it to say. How I discipline my child is my business and how my neighbor disciplines his child is his business. If he were physically abusing and sexually abusing his child -- I would report him.

Yes, I know research means nothing to some people except when it concerns drug trials or cancer break-throughs. Then those people pay attention to it.

But none of you - especially in this part of the country - will admit that you only spank your children because momma-and-daddy did and it's the only way you know. There is tons and tons of information about the research available supporting my position (so this isn't coming from Buttercup). There are so many BETTER alternatives to spanking. But it doesn't matter, it's not what momma-and-daddy did.

God himself could appear before some of you and tell you he didn't mean for you to take "Spare the rod...." literally, but you'd still spank because that's what momma-and-daddy did.

So go ahead, switch their little legs, tan their little behinds, make that belt mean some business because discipline isn't at all about the child or the child learning anything or the child's future; it's about the parents and what their own momma-and-daddy did.

Turn out more kids who are more likely to become violent as teenagers and adults; who are more likely to abuse their own spouses; who are more likely to be bullies, alcoholics, socially withdrawn. Go ahead, because that's what momma-and-daddy did.

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