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Reply to "The White Throne"

Originally Posted by semiannualchick:

Frog, you said you continue to be amazed at what spews from people here.

How do you feel about Bill Gray & what he spews? Using some of your own words, he constantly judges how deeply someone feels, he says silly & untrue things, & he will twist legitimate evaluations of most people here to suit his need to insult people. 


He makes up things about us, & puts words in our mouth.

Is his type of post acceptable to you just because he wears the Christian hat?

Well, it isn't up to me to decide what is acceptable here and it seems almost everything since you asked if it is to me personally I would say not at all, and I have commented on that to him more than once here. The energy and purpose of a thread changes when anyone from any group starts twisting words, calling names, making up facts to demean others, or making assumptions based on little or no evidence to prove some point or score a victory.  That is really I was saying, and that in the long run it isn't who wins an argument on a forum that matters, but how we live and treat each other and the rest of the universe.  


At least that is my own personal opinion, and although it most likely sounds fluffy or corny to some, it is what I truly believe.  I am far from always living that way, but I believe in trying the hardest that I can.  I guess you could say that is my religion...a couple of people on various threads asked what I believe, and that is it. It isn't the label we put on ourselves, but our thoughts, words, and actions that define who we are in my view.  

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