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Reply to "Trump admits he’s blocking postal cash to stop mail-in votes"

@Jack Hammer posted:
Trump admits he’s blocking postal cash to stop mail-in votes which is
translated to mean millions of illegal votes from all over the globe 
in an act of treason against the US will hopefully be stopped for obvious
reasons. The mail in voting has already proven to be criminal with every
time it's tried, It's like we all know, if the liberal Dems can't cheat someone
out of office they can't win. 
This is only one example the disgusting anti America communist will do
to take down the country. Those who support this type of treason 

should be punished for treason as stated.

The left will cheat in every way possible. Biden's numbers have already started downward since he announced his VP pick. That was predicted. I guess people were holding out hoping he would make a pick that actually made sense. He didn't.

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