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Reply to "What will happen if Donald Trump declares martial law?"

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For what reason would the President declare martial law?

If that hasn't hit every liberal between the eyes by now
just think of it as over their heads----

From Kraven cometh another silly, irrelevant, non-substantive  non-answer from the expert in such matters.


Should the Tweeter-in-Chief be so stupid as to declare martial law, it would likely be for reasons utterly inappropriate for that kind of action and his fat ass would be grass!  Should he attempt to do it,  that would likely become the straw that broke the camel's back already overloaded with 25th Amendment reasons for removal from office.

Why don't you learn to post without the obscenities and vitriol?

Jutu, Democrat frustration in process.  They tend to get even more irrational, when they don't get their way.  

Do all Republicans believe Democrats act like Republicans?

For 8 years, Republicans did everything they could do to obstruct President Obama or any progress. Now, Republicans blame Democrats for the Republican failures of the past 2 years. If Republicans have control of the WH, Senate, and House, why didn't Republicans get anything done? Well, nothing more than a tax break for the wealthy. The numbers are coming in on that tax break and the stock market sure doesn't seem to think they're doing too good.


Tax reductions for all and significant reductions in economic killing regulations, resulting in one of the largest economic booms in history.  

Progressive economists stated a GDP of 2 percent was the new normal.  The average GDP for the eight years of the Obama maladministration was 1.8 percent -- the worst recovery in over 100 years. For the last six quarters, the average was 3.2 percent.  The same economists stated unemployment of 5 to 6 percent was the new normal.  Present unemployment is 3.9 percent and was below that for the previous two months.  The same economists stated the industrial jobs were never coming back.  For the last two years, industrial jobs increased by 450,000.  

The tax reductions resulted in record 2018 tax revenue increases.  Which was the same result of the previous three tax reductions. 

Tax revenue changes, before and after tax cuts (corrected for inflation).

For the eight years after JFK/LBJ cuts – increase of $522.2 billion.

For the eight years after Reagan tax cuts – increase of $2.944 trillion.

For the eight years after Bush tax cuts – increase of $4.788 trillion

Source:  Office of Management and Budget historic tables.


As to why the congress did not do more, any fool knows that in the Senate, a 60 percent super majority is required to pass most legislation. 

Europe and China are experiencing an economic downturn, which the market responds to, despite American economic success.  Because, about 85 percent of stock trades in the US are managed by algorithms resulting in panic selling and buying. The programs analyze the news and respond.  Unfortunately, not always in a rational way. 


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