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Reply to "What will happen if Donald Trump declares martial law?"

Jutu posted:
Contendahh posted:
Kraven posted:
OldSalt posted:

For what reason would the President declare martial law?

If that hasn't hit every liberal between the eyes by now
just think of it as over their heads----

From Kraven cometh another silly, irrelevant, non-substantive  non-answer from the expert in such matters.


Should the Tweeter-in-Chief be so stupid as to declare martial law, it would likely be for reasons utterly inappropriate for that kind of action and his fat ass would be grass!  Should he attempt to do it,  that would likely become the straw that broke the camel's back already overloaded with 25th Amendment reasons for removal from office.

Why don't you learn to post without the obscenities and vitriol?

Jutu, Democrat frustration in process.  They tend to get even more irrational, when they don't get their way.  

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