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Reply to "Why did the Times Daily cut out the Religious Section?"

[We have over 400 churches in the Shoals with tens of thousands of members. Their voices and the voice of their churches should be heard.]

So why do you "need" the TD?
I am going to be straight forward here with my opnion on this subject. Anyone wants to slam me,have at it. But its an honest opnion.
The faith section of the TD had begun to appear more as a sales section for local churches.
when was the last time there was an article that reached out? When was the last article about just an everyday Joe that found God and ALLOWED them to tell their story of recieving Jesus Christ into their life? When was the last human interest way to God article(best way I can think to describe what I am trying to say)
Nope the stories had all become the same, Rev So-and-So did this or that, or Mrs Rev. So-And-So did this or that.We got to read all the bragging stories of who did what,who went where and it was almost always the same people. Sorry but I really do not believe God holds popularity contests .
when was the last time an article appeared with a random collection of faith based stories from the congregations,or better yet just folks met on the streets? God DOES live outside the doors of the fancy churches.

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