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Reply to "Why did the Times Daily cut out the Religious Section?"

There's a whole lotta' emotion and suggestion in this thread, that's for certain!

And amidst it all, I hear the voices of people whom I've known and now know.

Those voices of complaint about inequity, the voices of compassion about the hungry, their cries for justice, their seeking paths of righteousness for His name sake...

It's a veritable cornucopia for a modern-day Moses!

And what was that solution?

Jethro, whom was Moses' father-in-law, suggested to Moses that he was going to wear himself out by doing everything himself. In essence, Jethro told Moses to get some high-quality hired help, and set up a type of tiered judicial system associated with representative government.

Moses would be the 'supreme court' and the others would be the 'district, circuit' and 'appellate courts'.

So, Moses took Jethro's idea, and they all lived happily ever after.

Okay... so maybe they didn't live happily ever after! But it does say that "Moses bade his father-in-law farewell, and he went his way into his own land."

Close enough, eh?

The point is, that when everyone is working together for a common good, much can be accomplished. When everyone does their own thing, the going is hard as Hell! It'd kinda' be like your feet deciding they didn't want to take you where you wanted to go today. So, they held a sit-down protest.

Your derriere, accustomed to such, immediately got to work.

Then, the arms and hands, knowing their functions were absolutely necessary to maintaining the energy levels by assisting nutritional intake, were sympathetic and cooperated in the wheelchair, spinning the wheels to get the body where it wanted to go.

So, after a short time, the striking feet, finally recognizing they were defeated (bad, bad pun), decided to get back to work.

They learned that they too, were important to the body.

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