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Reply to "Why did the Times Daily cut out the Religious Section?"

I know Jim Bevis, and can attest to his authenticity and honesty.

An integral part of their ministry involves extensive travel.

They don't live "high on the hog" and are conservatively frugal with their resources.

They are good stewards.

It takes money to travel, and they are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit orgnization, which must regularly make reports to the Internal Revenue Service for their accountability to the U.S. government, and they are accountable for their actions to others through their Board of Directors.

I have no doubt that they've done a Cost : Benefit analysis and have determined that a modest motor coach would be a more cost effective mode of transportation rather than renting cars, jet airplane flights, renting motels/hotels, eating out, etc. for every trip which they make.

In fact, just this past weekend at the Rocket City Marathon, we were in a very nice, extraordinarily well-cared-for and clean 2000 model motor coach that was priced @ $60k by Bankston Motor Homes.

Consider that dual occupancy rate at any reputable and clean hotel/motel will at least approximate $200 per night, and meals for two for each day would at least approximate $100, for a three-day event, that's $900, not including transportation. Add car rental expenses into the picture (at least $150 per day w unlimited mileage), then you're talking $1350 per trip. That's NOT including gasoline expense.

Now... how many times must one do that before it shows cost effectiveness to own a motor coach which operating expense would be much cheaper?

Answer: 44

That's assuming "average" or "moderate" prices.

Also figure out the hassle of trying to coordinate tickets, reservations, etc., and then it's very easy to understand that an on-the-road ministry can be not only overwhelming from a logistical perspective, it can be a nightmare from a cost containment one, as well!

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