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Reply to "Why We Must Have Impeachment"

Originally posted by excelman:
It's very possible that by the time the Scooter Libby trial is over, the path of treason may well lead all the way to the White House.
Much of the way Bush has operated will be "outted.
I personally believe that revealing the idenity of Valery Wilson, and the shell company she worked for, which was gathering intelligence on of all places , Iran, is treason. Treason is a hanging offience. Maybe , in truth, instead of an impeachment, a few hangings might be in order. -you know we'll never see that tho.

excelman, NOT JUST IRAN. Valerie Plame was running agents through a CIA front company tracking the sale of NUCLEAR WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY.
Exposing her as an active agent may have caused the deaths of some foreign operatives who were working with that company, they disappeared in any case. THE EXPOSURE SHUT DOWN A LONG TERM CIA OPERATION.
It is not the only SECURITY breech the administration is GUILTY OF. (A trial is needed only to determine the punishment.) Condelezza Rice IN A PRESS BRIEFING, EXPOSED A HIGH RANKING Al Qaeda operative, Mohammed Noor Kahn, who was cooperating with Pakistani Authorities, and was probably in a position to PREVENT the London Subway bombings. THESE PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR POLITICAL COVER.

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