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Reply to "Workers Flee Unions"

Originally Posted by direstraits:



From your comments, you seem to be familiar with prepper type info,  That may come in handy for you in he future -- not because someone will drop the Big One.  However, if your retirement funds are in the Teamsters Union pension fund, you're going to need to learn how to live with a lot less. 




"Learn" to live with a lot less??!


*excuse me fr a minute...* 




OK, seriously...I apologize for that because I realize that you're probably not atall familiar with my background. (I'm not all that familiar with this thing called 'family' that everybody around here is so concerned with as I never really had one.) I've pretty much had to carry my own ass since I was about 14 years old. I didn't get *any* of the *breaks* that 'connected' people usually get.


I'm by no means a 'doomsday prepper' but I have spent a lotta time living on the fringe.

I've just survived most of my life so far by my wits and skills I've learned out of sheer necessity.

  I've been nowhere with nobody and nothing and done relatively all right for myself by scavenging, hunting, repairing and restoring the things our lazy, soft, 'gotta have the next new version' society throws away, either for my own use or for profit.

  I fabricate perfectly serviceable things from scrap.  I have things I've 're-purposed' that I've used for years that honestly-I can't remember what the hell they originally were anymore.

 I've built my own housing out of scrap lumber and tin that would just about rival a professionally built cottage.  I've kept vehicles running using only the bits I find along the side of the road.

  I've eaten stuff that would make a billy goat puke just to survive another day.


It's amazing what a lil' motivation like survival can cause a person to learn and become.


One of the things I've learned-especially in today's economy is that there's two kinds of people for the most part. The kind that has plenty of money and the kind that doesn't have any.

I fall into the latter group these days. Just the way it worked out and I have to try to claw my way back up to some reasonable means again.

 Limited as I am by my chosen occupation, I need all the help I can get. Without my union-I wouldn't stand a chance getting anywhere.


LOL. What retirement funds? With the contract I'm working under right now, I'm just glad I get paid on time. Before our terminal organized-I worked for two months before I ever saw a paycheck because the boss never came into work to enter my info in the company payroll database. Re-negotiations are coming up, though. Maybe we can conjure a better deal this time.


Yup. Far as I'm concerned, unions still have their place.






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