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Re: What's on the Dem's mind for 2012?

Mr.Dittohead ·
In 2009, General Motors and Chrysler both got government bailouts and entered bankruptcy, and auto sales hit a 30-year low. The United Auto Workers agreed to a contract that allowed Detroit's carmakers to hire some new workers at $14 per hour, or half the starting pay of workers at that time. While the UAW doesn't represent workers at foreign-owned plants, those companies - like Volkswagen - generally match UAW pay. In June of that year, about 623,000 people were employed by the auto...

What's on the Dem's mind for 2012?

gbrk ·
It looks like one thing that is principal on the White House and Obama's mind as well as the Democrat Party isn't the economy, jobs, the influence of China or National Security but it appears it's not something new but something old.   BLAME BUSH...

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