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Do you buy too much stuff?

So... as some of you know I am quite the paradox. I am a conservative. I am a libertarian. I am a single mom. I am for capital punishment. I am pro-choice. I think that the gov should do more to fund programs that decrease our dependency on oil and make solar power a more viable option for more Americans. Americans should be allowed and encouraged to own guns once they reach the age of 18. If someone who has lost their right to own a gun is caught with one, they should be punished severely. Jails and prisons should be self sufficient. Can't turn a profit? Guess the inmates won't eat.

So... I am a bit of a tree hugging right winger who belongs to the NRA. Be that as it may, I was on the Yahoo Treehugger site and saw this article:
Buy Nothing Day 2008 Rings a Bit Hollow

and this one:

Join The Compact in 2008

I had heard about The Compact a while back and thought they were a little crazy. I am a capitalist and my training in Economics screams against what these people are doing.

But I was having a talk with my kid today, and I think that I am going to try to consume less this year. We were talking about Christmas and presents and how insane it all gets. We are going to try to be less insane this holiday season and try to carry that same thinking into the New Year. We're going to try to borrow CD's that we like, buy clothes from charitable organizations so we can do some good with our dollars while consuming less, shop more at the farmer's market and maybe even grow some of our own produce, and maybe we can make a difference. Even if it is a tiny one. What about you?
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