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Opinions on Bill Gray's way of communicating

I have been asking Bill to learn some people skills for quite some time now so that he doesn't insult people, and so he doesn't drive seekers away. He seems to think that he is NOT insulting anyone and that he is bringing people to Christ rather than pushing them away.

I drew an analogy in a different thread, comparing his way of speaking to a person who has body odor. When that smell is with you all the time, you don't notice it. Other people however, do. I told Bill that if others tell you you have body odor, it is a sure bet that you DO, hoping that he'll see that his manner of speaking, while HE doesn't notice it, is very insulting to others, both athiest and Christian alike.

So I would like to get your opinions. Perhaps if enough people vote that he IS insulting, and that he IS driving seekers away, he will finally learn to speak in a more respectful, less accusatory and insulting manner.

And if enough of you say that he is NOT insulting and pushing people away, I will drop my "war" with Bill and be forever silent on the subject.


Do you find Bill Gray's posts to be insulting to those who disagree with him?

In your opinion, does Bill Gray's manner of speaking have the potential of driving people away from Christianity?

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