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"Real Change"

Obama hasn't been in office that long yet we begin to see some definite change.

Change in relationship to the nation of Israel in that a Palestinian State is about to be forced upon them like a new CEO is being installed at GM.

The Stock Market at new Lows,

Banks being forced to take bail out funds even when they don't want it so that others that need it will not appear to be weak then when they want to pay it back early, after seeing what happened to GM, being told that they cannot pay it back.

The Government exercising power over private industry

Politicians going to Cuba and stating that the US made mistakes and trying to patronize Castro.

Statements like America is not a Judeo Christian nation and that America was influenced by the Muslim Religion (positive emphasis not negative).

Talks with Hamas and other Radical Islamic Groups while moving more away from Israel. That is making new friends out of old enemies and colder relations with old stable friends.

Talk by the Attorney General of bringing back the Gun Ban and limiting rights to own certain weapons as yet to be revealed what those weapons are.

Spending more money than can possibly be paid back creating an unprecedented deficit that will certainly require new and major taxation in order to repay.

Is this the type Change you wanted?

If the election were held today what would be your decision?

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