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Should Bill embrace the number system?

I'm pulling a #6 here, just like my F.R.A.N, Bill.



Bill is getting old, and doesn't have a lot of spare time left to get his spiritual house in order and make a bunch of long posts based on his redundant themes and diatribes.  These all fall into about nine or ten categories, and I'm helping Bill out while he learns the new system. 


In order to save us all a huge amount of time, I've proposed to Bill that instead of taking all the time to copy and past, and dig up old rants, and generally be his usual self, that he just post answers according to a number system.  Each number is associated with one of Bill's well known diatribes or posting topics. 


The topics are:


1) Homosexuality

2) Abortion

3) Cult religions

4) Creationism

5) Triburaptulation

6) Re-posting of anything previously posted

7) Fundy non-answers, diversions and off-topic additions

8) Based on a false premise

9) Nothing relevant while belittling the original poster.

10) Links to information not read or not understood, and/or copy-and-paste

11) Bibliolatry

12) Stories and failed analogies - some true, some not, and most all counterproductive to Bill's point.


Givens for every one of Bill's posts:

a) It's all about Bill.

b) I had about 5 others, but a) pretty much covered them all.



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