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Would you pay for an online subscription to the Times-Daily?

There are rumors.  It was stated in Shoalanda Speaks yesterday that a report was made (one of those anonymous sources that is so often qouted in SS) about a salesperson stating that a subscription would be required to view the TD online soon and participate in the forums.


It isn't far fetched considering the owners of the same news conglomorate already do this for The Decatur Daily,

And another thing I noticed about this new generic format is they virtually have NO advertising.

It was stated in the SS piece that the salesperson said "This is a business"

If a business isn't getting enough revenue from advertising then it must make up for it somehow with subscriptions.  Not that it would really matter because I am not so sure the powers that be CARE what the citizens of the SHOALS area think about this format or the newspaper for that matter (JMHO) but here is the poll question:

Would you pay for an online subscription to view the Times-Daily?

Would you pay for an online subscription to post in the TD forum?

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