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Two little country boys were playing together during the summertime in their small hometown, and then took to walking down the road. They were a-talking and having a good ol' time!

For quite some time they meandered aimlessly along the road, as little boys are often wont to do, never looking up.

They ne'er considered that not even one car had passed by them on that road, because their minds were so attuned to the joys of their own companionship.

And when they came to, they both looked up, realized they were in unfamiliar surroundings, and saw a small country church building just ahead.

You know the type - a small white, wooden clapboard style building with a steeple and simple wooden cross atop. It's the kind of church building that comes to mind when we think of bygone eras.

When they had walked up to the front of the church they both stopped.

One turned to the other one and asked, "You ever been baptized?"

"Naw," said the other.

"Me neither. Let's go get baptized!," said the one.

"Okay," he said in reply.

Well, as they walked up to the doors they found them open, and walked right on in.

Now, in the country, folks don't often lock their doors, because everyone knows everyone else, and folks look out after each other. There's a sense of security in neighborliness, you see.

They looked all about the empty sanctuary, and finding no one in sight, they then walked on back, and through the door which opened into the small hall which had been built onto the sanctuary.

As they curiously walked about seeking someone to baptize them, they saw a bathroom, and one said to the other, "I gotta' pee."

"Me too," came the reply.

So, they walked into the bathroom.

It just so happened that about the time they had just walked into the bathroom, the janitor walked into the hall. Hearing their voices he walked into the bathroom.

"What're you boys doing here?!," he bellowed out.

"We... we... we... uhhh... we wuz...," came the stammering reply.

"Well, spit it out boys!," said the janitor gruffly.

He was a big man, with hands the size of hams.

The other little boy blurted right out, "We were looking for somebody to baptize us!"

"Baptize you?! I'll baptize you!," replied the janitor.

Whereupon he immediately shoved both boys into a toilet stall, and without a moment's hesitation, grasped them individually by the hair of their head, pushed town the the toilet handle, and dunked their little heads into the cold while porcelain bowl while the water flushed around them.

Well, needless to say, those little boys squeezed out from around that janitor and took off like scalded dogs. They ran just as fast, and as hard as their little legs could carry them.

They ran, and they ran, and ran, and then, they ran some more. And finally, when they had completely run out of steam, and the church building was no longer in sight, they stopped.

As they stood, haunched over, hands on their knees, gasping for air, one said to the other, "Wh... what... what kind... what kind of ch..."

They were both almost totally out of breath. Never in their short little lives run so fast, so long or so hard, or were they so totally scared.

Between gasps for air, the other completed the thought they both had saying, "What kind of church was that?!?"

Still panting, the one said, "Were they Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist... Church o'Christ, Lutheran, or what?!"

"I don't know," said the other. "But from the smell of it, they must've been 'pisscopalian!"
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