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For the first time, this year's, 2018 Shoals Homebuilder's show will be at the Radisson Hotel (Old Holiday Inn Hotel) in Sheffield over by the Outback Steakhouse at 4900 Hatch Blvd and will be FREE of Charge to those who care to attend or come by, no ticket required.

The Homebuilder's show will be on the March 17th & March 18th Weekend.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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unclegus posted:

Free? That is new to me. They/we was charging to get in when it was at the convention center. Even as a member I had to pay to get in.
This is good news.

The woman I spoke with simply said that because the motel is open to all and will be open during the event they really wouldn't be able to control access so they decided to open it up to all comers.   Could be also that they are saving quite a bit on the rental of the motel conference rooms compared to the Convention Center and they are passing along the savings.

Either way, I do hope it makes it a much more successful show for the service providers and businesses in the area that are spotlighted at the show.  I hope that there is not an attempt to recover what fees and money they won't get from ticket sales from the various people who display at the event and those who have booths because that could have a negative result for the overall show.  

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