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Lexington @ Winston County

Sheffield @ Winfield

Vinemont @ Colbert County

Hanceville @ Madison Academy


Don't sleep on:  Susan Moore, Oakman & Lauderdale County


Synapsis:  As much of an advantage that R5 has over R8 in both 1A & 2A, the opposite holds true here in 3A.   Region 5 really has no stand out team.   No one that I would actually buy being a threat to make it out of the second round, possibly not the first.  This scenario I have laid out has some interesting backstory as Lexington has lost some pretty darn good slobber knockers to WCHS in the playoffs a couple of times.  They would be in prime position here to upset a #1 seed from the 4th spot. Susan Moore probably has the most name recognition of the teams in this region (one could argue Winfield or Winston County), but they barely got by 2A West End on opening weekend, and while I remember the very good West End teams of the 90's, they haven't been much since and are riding an extensive losing streak.   Region 8, regardless of how it sets up, should sweep Region 5 in 3A. 




Central-Florence @ Hamilton

Wilson @ Fayette County

Haleyville @ Brooks

Cordova @ Deshler


Don't sleep on:  Curry & Rogers


Synapsis:  This cross region group of battles could possibly pit a lot of former region 8 teams against each other as Haleyville, Hamilton & Fayette County have all been members of 4A R8 in the past.  These teams are all somewhat familiar with each other and could pose the best cross region battles there are in the first round.   Brooks would certainly love to avenge the loss to Haleyville last year and HHS would probably love nothing more than to boot Brooks out of the playoffs.  Both 3 seeds could easily win, or both two seeds could easily win.  I can't see a 1-4 upset in this scenario, but I think both 4 seeds, especially Central-Florence, could play well.   I'd guess 2-2 either way. 

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