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Parker @ J.O. Johnson

Dora @ East Limestone

Russellville @ Wenonah

West Point @ Pleasant Grove


Don't sleep on: Ramsay & Fairfield


Synapsis:  This one is hard to figure out.   Region 5 has some teams who are traditionally very good but had a pretty lackluster showing early (Fairfield & Dora) and some teams who traditionally aren't that good but have looked good (Parker & Ramsay).   I think the two regions match up really well and the games could go either way.   R5's 4 could uspet R8's 1.   I think it is slim but it could happen.   I believe Pleasant Grove is the class of all of these teams and I just can't seem them losing, even though R8 should put up a pretty strong 4 seed.   All in all, this one should boil down to a split or a 3-1 with some great games.




Decatur @ Briarwood Christian

Muscle Shoals @ Hueytown

Homewood @ Austin

Pelham @ Florence


Don't sleep on John Carroll & everyone else in R8. 


Synapsis:  This one is simply too hard to call.  Every single team in R8 is a playoff quality team.   Pretty much I am just cherry picking with my guesses and I changed them about 5 times before finally settling with what I have.  Most of region 5 has started off slow but they have some really good teams who have lost really close games.   Austin, whom I have as second, have lost both of their games to 7a schools by a combined 4 points.   If they don't get down on themselves, they can easily stay in this playoff picture.   While I think R8 is the toughest in 6A, R5 poses a challenge with traditional powers like Homewood & BC.  R8 could sweep, or could go 1-3, I think it's that tough to call.   At this early stage, I'd guess R8 3-1 in Round 1. 

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