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With the world still reeling from former President Donald Trump's brazen, horrifying, and not-at-all-taken-out-of-context prediction of a "bloodbath" if he loses in November, everything he has said in the past is now being scrutinized. Does he have a history of calling for violence?

The Babylon Bee has put together the following list of nine other times Trump has obviously called for bloodshed:

  1. When he told an actor to "break a leg": Wishing physical pain and suffering on an innocent Hollywood entertainer is no laughing matter.
  2. When he said the chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago was "to die for": Calling all of his fanatical followers to die for his cause, of course.
  3. When he said he was going to "crush the competition": Literally announcing his plan to kill his competitors.
  4. When he said he was about to "blow up the bathroom": An obvious bomb threat.
  5. When he told Kevin McAllister in Home Alone 2 that the lobby was "down the hall and to the left": Clearly code for genocide against the political left.
  6. When he said the New York Jets were "getting slaughtered": He obviously planned to murder the entire team.
  7. When he said "Make America Great Again": This phrase harkens back to a time when there was great bloodshed, like... hmmm... the CIVIL WAR.
  8. When he told Melania she looked "drop-dead gorgeous": Pray for that poor woman's safety.
  9. On Jan 6, when he said "You have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law and order": There's never been a more dangerous, violent statement made in American history.

Just reading through the list above can be traumatizing, so be careful who you share it with, and if you actually agree with any of the terrifying statements on the list, then you are likely already on an FBI watch list.

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9 Times Trump Clearly Called For Bloodshed | Babylon Bee

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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So, explain why for the first time in US History, a Mob came to the Capitol on the day that the election gets certified (Never even heard of it, till Trump)  What was the purpose?  

Brazil's president tried the exact same tactics just 2 months after Trump..  Brazil raided his home and arrested him, he is barred from seeking office and likely going to prison.

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