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corn, we know about satellites. however don't know what a balloon might carry. maybe a bomb, chemicals, mess up our electrical grid.  or just testing our military's lack of backbone.

You won't have any luck with a dem. They have no problem with China spying and buying up the country. Old Joe didn't do anything until the Chinese gave him permission to destroy the balloon. Now, thanks to an "anonymous source", the source they always go to,  the lie they are putting out is that there were balloons when Trump was in office. Debunked btw. They even went to the point of claiming Rubio 'admitted' it. He admitted no such thing. He talked about a time one encroached on our air space. It didn't fly across our country for almost a week gathering information like Joe allowed this one to do. If that had happened the left would have been on a 24-7 tear screaming about Trump allowing it to happen. China knows our military under the liberals are not allowed to have any backbone, and they have laughed at the US and made fun of Blinken cancelling his trip, saying he was not welcome anyway.

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The Chinese surveillance balloon that floated across the United States this week may not be the first unmanned Chinese surveillance balloon that has infiltrated US air space.

Back in 2022, Hawaii News Now which is a major news station in the state of Hawaii reported a strange white balloon was spotted by residents on the island of Kauai back in February of 2022.

The balloon which was described by residents as a “white orb” even garnered the attention of the US military.

Hawaii’s adjutant general reported the US military sent out aircraft and confirmed that the “white orb” residents were seeing  was actually a white unmanned balloon that had no “identifiable markings.”

Residents of Kauai claimed they saw jets shoot down the balloon and heard loud booms too. The military however denied the locals’ claims.

Hawaii News Now
Residents spotted a strange orb above Kauai. The military responded with jets READ MORE: #HNN

Here’s an excerpt of the Hawaii News Now report:

A large mysterious object floating high above Kauai prompted a response from the military this week. The large white orb was identified by the military as an unmanned balloon with no observable identification markings.

Hawaii’s adjutant general said the military sent aircraft on Monday to check out the balloon.

Dozens of Garden Isle residents captured the mysterious balloon, with some saying it was very bright and not moving. Other residents said it looked like jets shot it down and some heard loud booms. But, the military said it did not fire at the balloon.

USAF F-22s have been scrambled to investigate a mysterious object floating over Hawaii

USAF F-22s have been scrambled to investigate a mysterious object floating over Hawaii - AIRLIVE

AIRLIVE on Twitter: "USAF F-22s have been scrambled to investigate a mysterious object floating over Hawaii" / Twitter

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