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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying about not being able to use a buggy to your car,yellow.I don't recall ever having that problem and I frequently shop there.It's your quarter until you return the buggy and retrieve it.I always carry my market tote and plenty of bags anyway so I don't have to take the buggy to the car ( and scrape it all down the side) have to shop Aldi to save all we can. Love their products.Always great quality for the price.
Aldi is a great concept and the company is a good company. I have no doubt that they attempt to find quality product to present to their customers. Although you wont find name branded merchandise or at least common name branded items the things they sell are safe and to many as good as the branded items. It also allows many to save money but to me it's going a bit overboard the way that they charge for buggies and bags but then that allows them to keep their overhead lower and their prices the lowest they can. Also I prefer to see stocked shelves like in most traditional markets rather than piled up on the floor, as they do in the stores I've been in.

Personally I don't mind paying a bit more for most of the items I purchase and therefore I go to the Foodlands, Foodworlds, Big Stars and Walmart but once Publix gets here, if they do come, I'll be exclusive to Publix based upon my past experience at that chain. There will be some exceptions but for my part I'm happy to see all of them prosper and I hope they all continue to do so.

Not everyone likes the same market or store and products so each store provides different things to different people and I suppose, in a capitalistic system that's the way it's suppose to work.
gbrk, they don't charge you for buggies & bags. If you are getting enough things to need a buggy, you put a quarter in when you pick it up and you get your quarter back when you return it. As for bags, you bring your own or they sell their own just like Target, WalMart & many of the grocery stores, but if you want to bring your leftover WalMart plastic bags with you, you can. I see many that do so. And when I forget bags, I just load if straight from the buggy into my car. These are just two measures that cut down on their overhead that allows a for savings elsewhere.

I love shopping at Aldis! I see such a savings! I shop there every week. I really like the Fit & Active products (their store brand healthy line of products). They also have many unique foods to choose from. I can't get everything I need there (no fat free liquid creamer, which is a must for me). But enough that it brings me back every week.

I did neglect to acknowledge that the quarters for the buggies could be retrieved once you return them, thanks for that clarification as I should have mentioned it. As for the bags I have heard they charge for them but since I don't routinely shop there other than getting one item or two I don't need a bag and don't really know for sure. If though they do charge for them I just think it's better to include them for it's surely only a few cents and goodwill.

They, though, aren't the only ones that you find requiring the need to bring your own bag. Sam's Club provides cut up boxes if you want but there is no bags unless you bring your own, which I have never seen done.

Don't get me wrong I'm not against Aldi I'm glad to see that choice here it's just that I, personally, prefer to stick with the common name branded items for certain things. For Milk I like Purity and Mayfields but Mayfields is not available here but often I go with Sam's offerings and find that I personally like the taste of those better but it's a personal preference as with many other things. I do believe that much if not all of Aldi's offerings are quality merchandise and for many it does save them a lot of money and that's great that we have that choice here.

I have shopped Aldi from the beginning. I have never been disappointed in anything I have bought there. Their bread is always fresh, their produce is unsurpassed in the Shoals for freshness and price, their canned veggies are one of the best buys in town (why pay over a dollar for a can of green beans when you get them at Aldi for 59 cents), their soup (49 - 59 cents) is as good as Campbell's and I could go on and on. If you haven't given them a fair try, you are the looser. No one is happier than I am that one is being built in Muscle Shoals!

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