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Originally posted by DeepFat:

$65,000 for a dog is insane.

There are perfectly good dogs at the pound you can get for $65, neutered, with shots.

Get two or three, they're cheap.


DeepFat ,
I agree with you. It's insane . I'm not the one selling them . lol Wish I was .

You can also get a great dog from the newspaper sometimes too , for free. Wink
That dog cost more than my car. lol way more .

Did you see the website that was selling these guard dogs ?
Didn't see the video... went to the website... didn't see much of interest, but the beautiful solid black GSD.

The site didn't detail any titles or any specific type (acknowledged & recognized school of training, e.g., Schutzhund) of training which they instill in the dog. That's why I'm not so impressed.

God willing, (though he's taken a respite, and is not now breeding or selling) my next GSD will come from this expert gentleman's kennel - last I checked, pups were about $5k: Leerburg Kennels, German Shepherds Bred to Work.

I had a solid black GSD b.itch. She was my pride & joy. Whenever folks saw her, they all -without exception- said three things (and in no particular order); 1.) Oh my, what a big dog; 2.) Oh my, what a well trained dog, and; 3.) Oh my, what a beautiful dog.

Her call name was "Princess," though her legal, title name was Florentine Ebony Princess.

At her top weight, she was a solid 75 pounds, and not obese.

She went with me to almost every location I went - restaurants, good with babies, children & strangers, parks, work, loud environments, quiet ones, church, she rode in big trucks, was in construction environments, traffic, sidewalks, exercising, stairs, ladders, towers... literally, there was nowhere I did not take her.

From 50 yards away, I could give her a command and she would instantly obey... and not move until I gave her the release word.

She was by my side almost continuously for nine years.

She had a wonderful spirit, a strong hunt drive, and was fearless... FEARLESS!

Schutzhund is a sport which was specifically designed for the GSD in three parts -obedience, tracking and protection- to test mental stability, willingness to work, trainability, ability to track a scent, and focuses on developing those traits.

Here are some links to the sport and the wonderfully beautiful, highly intelligent and noble creatures:

- United Schutzhund Clubs of America - For the German Shepherd Dog

- German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association

- German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association

- Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. (abbreviated SV, which oversees -in large part- the Schutzhund sport, now aka German Shepherd Club of Germany)

Skidboot is obviously a mutt. My favorite kind of dog.


This is not the only video I've seen of Skidboot. What I find instructive is that his companion, David, is a man of a kind heart and animals respond to him for that reason.

Is it possible that people pay lots of money for dogs to compensate for their lack of touch, or acumen, or feel, or something else they lack when it comes to handling animals?


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