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Dems-'Cause, you know, we's special.

There were two things very scarce at former President Barack Obama’s star-studded 60th birthday bash over the weekend, masks and photos.

On the latter, turns out a few photos of the fancy shindig were shared online Saturday evening as the celebrity-filled guest list of the allegedly “scaled back” celebration was underway, only to be deleted later.

Rapper Trap Beckham, who performed at the party on Martha’s Vineyard, and his manager TJ Chapman took photos while at the event and posted them on Instagram, but would later delete the snapshots because of a photography ban, according to the New York Post.

The photos included selfies from each smoking doobies, marijuana is legal in the state of Massachusetts, credentials for the birthday party, a fancy napkin commemorating Obama’s birthday that had 44X60 emblazoned in gold — a now 60-year-old Obama was the 44th president of the United States.

Snaps of the open bar showed bottles of top-shelf liquor and cigars, and s’mores cocktails garnished with melted marshmallows.

Despite Questlove being enlisted to coordinate a meat-free menu, photos showed that steak, chicken and shrimp were also available, with rice, greens and potatoes on the side.

Brownies and watermelon slices were served to staff and performers for dessert, along with Mexican hot chocolate, which the musician and manager apparently washed down with Hennessy, screenshots of the social media posts show.

But the other photos were not long for social media — at least not in their original form, as screenshots would prove.

“Had to delete everything due to the rules,” Beckham acknowledged, according to the Post. “It was epic for sure. If any videos surface it’s going viral. He danced the whole time. Nobody ever seen Obama like this before.”

Chapman, who called the event held at Obama’s $12 million mansion, “the party of all parties,” estimating that at least $1 million was spent on it, was not happy about being forced to delete the images.

“Epic night last night,” he said in a video. “I posted some stories of myself. Didn’t think anybody gave a ****, and I guess they did. That’s not cool. That’s not cool.” As for videos, singer Erykah Badu posted footage she took on Instagram featuring a mask-less Obama on the dance floor that was later deleted — copies are still floating around.

Alicia Keys and John Legend also performed at the party — Legend’s canceled wife, Chrissy Teigen, who was recently outed as a vicious bully, reportedly accompanied him.

Some of the celebrities rumored to be in attendance include Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Jennifer Hudson, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Bradley Cooper, Gabrielle Union, Don Cheadle, Dwyane Wade, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Colbert and John Kerry. So much for “scaled back.”

A spokeswoman said ahead of the party, “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have crashed the lavish birthday party, even though she was supposedly disinvited due to the scaling back over concerns about COVID-19.

This reportedly led to an “awkward’ encounter between the two as Pelosi lunched with Oprah.

When the party began to wind down around midnight, departing guests created a “sh*t show” of traffic congestion on the small resort island, the Post reported, citing the response from a local Massachusetts police officer’s radio transmission.

"I came, I saw, I surrendered"-Joe Biden

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Social media users piled on to Dr. Anthony Fauci for what many felt was a double standard when it comes to what type of gatherings he criticizes.

"No comment from St. Fauci on Obama’s soirée last night with a few hundred of his closest friends - or how about Lollapalooza last week in Chicago," one social media user said in reaction to Fauci's comments critical of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. "Or, I guess it’s SELECTIVE festivities, because the virus knows, and only attacks those who fit the Dems’ narrative." The remarks came in response to Fauci's comments expressing concern about South Dakota's upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on Sunday's "Meet the Press," with host Chuck Todd speculating the rally could become a "super spreader" event.

"I'm very concerned, Chuck, that we're going to see another surge related to that rally," Fauci said.

Fauci admitted that it was "understandable" that people "want to do the kind of things they want to do," though he called on rallygoers to consider their impact on the spread of COVID-19.

"There comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis, that could involve you, your family, and everyone else that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do," Fauci said.

But many social media users pointed out that Fauci did not share the same type of concerns when it came to other high-profile events.

"I have come to loathe Fauci. I cannot believe I fell for this fraud for even a minute," one user said. "Lollapalooza: Nothing. Obama birthday party: Nothing. Riding a motorcycle in the free air: SATAN'S DEVIL VIRUS WILL GET YA!"

"Love how you can catch covid only at certain events. Did it disappear last weekend at the Lollapalooza in Chicago & yesterday at Obama's birthday party," another user said. "Why do people still believe anything that comes out of Fauci's mouth?!"

Others argued that with a vaccine widely available, it was time for authorities to stop regulating such gatherings. "There is a universally available, free vaccine that is 99.999% effective at preventing death," said commentary writer Drew Holden. "The pandemic is over. People need to get back to living."

The annual biker bash has been the subject of media scorn for two consecutive years, causing South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem to defend one of her state's marquee events.

"The media lied about the event for a year," Noem told "Fox & Friends" in May. "They've labeled it as a super-spreader. That was not true. We continuously pushed back. And I'm glad that some of those facts are coming to light. It’s all political. We did testing in that community for weeks afterwards."

And Fauci says NOTHING about the swarms of illegals coming through the border by Biden's invitation and then bused and flown all over United States, to infect Americans.
Then, Biden administration blames Americans for the spread of the virus.
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A “very concerned” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the goal-posting-moving director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has suggested that the Sturgis motorcycle rally could be a super-spreader event for COVID-19.

Although Fauci seems to spend most of his time on TV talking about the coronavirus and its variants rather than looking through a microscope or studying data about the pandemic, he apparently has made no public comment about last week’s Chicago-based Lollapalooza music festival.

That omission would also be a failure on the part of the agenda-driven corporate media.

This morning, NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked vaccine hawk Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, about a possible COVID infection uptick from the South Dakota biker event which is purportedly attracting 700,000 participants. Todd claimed that last year’s gathering, with only about 100,000 on hand (although the attendance may have been much higher), led to a big outbreak.

“Well, I’m very concerned, Chuck, that we’re going to see another surge related to that rally,” Fauci responded.

“I mean, to me it’s understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to do, he continued. “They want their freedom to do that. But there comes a time when you’re dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do.

“I mean, you’re ultimately going to do that in the future, but let’s get this pandemic under control before we start acting like nothing’s going on. I mean, something bad is going on. I mean, we’ve got to realize that.”

As alluded to above, Todd conveniently avoided raising a similar question about the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago with 100,000 attendees in close quarters during each of its four days in late July, however.

Could the difference be that there are perhaps “a few” more Trump supporters in Sturgis rather than in Chicago.

100,000 at Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago . Late July 2021. Some estimates have been as high as 180,000 people in attendance.

Embedded video

Fauci has also separately conceded that even without a federal vaccine mandate or passport, once the FDA approves the experimental medicine, public and private sector entities could create a flood of de facto mandates.

Last year, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem asserted that a study about the alleged Sturgis massive outbreak promoted by the media had no factual basis and was mostly speculative.

“We have in South Dakota 124 cases that were tied to the Sturgis motorcycle bike rally out of half a million people that came,” she insisted.

In the summer of 2020 Dr. Fauci seemed to have no inclination of warning about large-scale BLM protests. During congressional testimony about a year ago, the career federal bureaucrat recommended avoiding crowds of any kind, but also said that “I don’t judge one crowd versus another crowd.”

In June 2020, the liberal Axios news outlet reported the following:

When protests broke out against the coronavirus lockdown, many public health experts were quick to warn about spreading the virus. When protests broke out after George Floyd’s death, some of the same experts embraced the protests. That’s led to charges of double standards among scientists.

Why it matters: Scientists who are seen as changing recommendations based on political and social priorities, however important, risk losing public trust. That could cause people to disregard their advice should the pandemic require stricter lockdown policies.

Circling back to Lollapalooza, Chicago’s soft-on-crime, lockdown-loving far left Mayor Lori Lightfoot is under fire and being called a hypocrite after she attended the music festival where attendees went maskless, didn’t social distance, and merely waved proof of vaccination to enter ahead of her imposing COVID restrictions on the city.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld recently quipped that “Right now we have health experts sending more mixed messages than an MRI of the president’s brain.”

Rashida Tlaib spotted dancing maskless at large indoor gathering in CDC 'orange' zone

Tlaib was captured on video in the Instagram story of a Dearborn band that plays weddings

Rep. Rashida Tlaib danced maskless next to members of a large indoor crowd during a wedding in a county where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance calls for indoor masking.

The Michigan Democrat was captured on video in the Instagram story of Bassam Saleh, a Dearborn, Michigan band that plays weddings. The video shows a maskless Tlaib posing for pictures and dancing amongst the crowd at the large indoor gathering Sunday.

In a separate post, Bassam Saleh tags the location of the wedding as Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, a venue in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is located in Wayne County, which is currently rated as an orange zone by the CDC. Orange indicates a county with "substantial" COVID-19 transmission, one of two risk categories the CDC guidelines call for indoor masking for people regardless of their vaccination status.

The video comes on the same day that Tlaib was critical of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on social media after Paul shot a video encouraging Americans to resist new CDC guidelines.

In response to the Republican lawmaker's video, Tlaib posted a map of Kentucky showing many of the state's counties in the elevated CDC risk categories.

"The KY Senator is throwing a tantrum as his state is being swallowed whole by this virus, again," Tlaib said. "People are getting sick and dying 98 counties in Kentucky have a high incidence rate of COVID-19. He needs to put politics aside, and put people first. Start resisting the virus."

Tlaib's office did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

@Jutu posted:

President Biden and Vice President Harris walk and talk along the White House Rose Garden.

Where are those face masks you want everyone else to wear???

Two vaccinated people at least 6ft apart.... what part of that is so hard for you to understand???
Republican media has sure done a number on you Republicans.... they've totally erased every bit of common sense you people ever had. Arguing science with a Republican is like talking to a fence post. You'll only look like an idiot and the post won't care.

hmmm vax and 6 ft?   what is hard for you to understand?   several doctors and science give different oppinions. Which do you follow?  Biden who has flipped flopped, Fauci who has flipped flopped?  Difference is we are thinking, researching, you are following.  you never give back up just name calling.  Sad you want to see our country sink,  Wish I could go on,,, however have to pawn something so I can make it thru this inflation.

@1130 posted:

hmmm vax and 6 ft?   what is hard for you to understand?   several doctors and science give different oppinions. Which do you follow?  Biden who has flipped flopped, Fauci who has flipped flopped?  Difference is we are thinking, researching, you are following.  you never give back up just name calling.  Sad you want to see our country sink,  Wish I could go on,,, however have to pawn something so I can make it thru this inflation.

And your friend's brother's sister's nephew's kid works for the border patrol... riiiiiight.  you can't see the forest for all those darn trees.
I'll follow the world's leading virologist... you stick with the horse wormer.

@1130 posted:

hmmm vax and 6 ft?   what is hard for you to understand?   several doctors and science give different oppinions. Which do you follow?  Biden who has flipped flopped, Fauci who has flipped flopped?  Difference is we are thinking, researching, you are following.  you never give back up just name calling.  Sad you want to see our country sink,  Wish I could go on,,, however have to pawn something so I can make it thru this inflation.

Don't worry about pawning anything. Dems will have all the businesses shut down again and there will be no where to buy anything.

Where is Jill Biden? She is always there, leading Joe by the hand, away from reporters asking any more serious questions other than. "what flavor of ice cream is your favorite". Now she is MIA. We know she made it back from Japan. Or so they say, and supposedly made it to Hawaii. So, where's Jill? Could Jillybean have Covid?

WASHINGTON -- First Lady Dr. Jill Biden had a sharp object removed from her left foot by doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Thursday, her office said.

“Last weekend, prior to her two official events in Hawaii, the First Lady stepped on an object on the beach which became lodged in her left foot,” said spokesman Michael LaRosa.

LaRosa said Biden underwent “a procedure today at [Walter Reed] to remove the object.”

The first lady visited Hawaii on her way home from Tokyo, where she had led the U.S. delegation to the Olympic Games.

People have noticed and asked what's up?

"The story is she stepped on something on the beach her first night in Hawaii and it was stuck in her foot. They hadda say it was that evening because the rest of her schedule was filled with official duties. But the problem with that story is she made public appearances the next day and was seen walking without any problem, then she returned to DC, but it was four days later that she was transported to Walter Reed. Who waits four days to remove a foreign object? The morning she was transported media said Joe was going with her, but only an hour or two later Joe was at the podium giving a televised statement. Meanwhile Joe has been spending more time in Maryland than at the WH. He took a four day weekend, and he’s already back there again".

Quick somebody, check on the Carters.

See the source image

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Diann, no mask, is still mourning losing her Chinese spy driver, that is now getting a nice pension from the US government.

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Hey Ralph, getting some tips for your next blackface event? Where's your mask?

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August 2020....well into the shutdowns and calls for mask wearing. China Joe and Heels up Harris.

See the source image

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