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Another disgruntled employee in a workplace shooting killing a reported 11 people.  This will once again start the dialog about gun control but regardless of that discussion killing will continue and laws will not discourage events like this or at least don't seem to be.  There are laws, plenty of them, against Murder yet that's exactly what these events are, mass murder.  I will agree that there are people that don't need to able to purchase ammunition and firearms of any kind.  There are mentally unstable people out there and others that know who they are and potentially family members.  I'm all for a database of people that are concerns for such events but I do not believe doing away with our freedom insured by the 2nd Amendment will accomplish stopping these things.

With respect to school shootings and possibly other shootings then I believe we should equally consider the effects of violent video games or violent entertainment such as movies and also the violent lyrics of some songs.  People haven't changed, that much, over the years from when these events were very rare if they happened at all.  What has changed is the availability of information on the internet, the proliferation of violent content through games and other forms of entertainment.  Another thing that has changed is society itself and the reduction of Religion and morality in America.  The media and society, including education and colleges, have at times declared war on Christians and people who believe in God and the Sanctity of life.  We teach evolution to the exclusion of other sources of life such as Intelligent Design or a Creator.  In doing so all life becomes the same as the other and human life is no more special than that of a roach scurrying across the floor.  

The thought of Abortion also comes to mind again in that even various life can be considered as more or less important and again no significance is given to being human over other life and living things as everything has evolved from the same source.   Another thing that has changed over the years has been the laws regarding firearms.  Years before these events became so common the gun laws were all but nonexistent in that people didn't really see a need for them so it was actually much easier to obtain weaponry before.  Today we have far more laws restricting the purchase of, and even keeping or carrying weapons yet today we have far more of these events than ever before.  

I don't proclaim that I know the answers but I do know that targeting one narrow cause at the exclusion of all the other things that very likely could contribute to these events is useless and will prevent nothing more.  Today liberals always narrowly target guns and their availability but guns were just as available and more so years ago yet these problems didn't exist.  Why is that?  I think ALL factors should be considered such as mental health, teachings in schools and colleges that negate the special significance of life itself, reductions in penalties such as removal of the death penalty in some states and also the glorification of violence and killing in video games and entertainment when often times killing is glorified with no consequences of these actions.  

It's my suggestion that if you narrowly only consider one factor and exclude the so many others then you aren't really serious about finding the causes but just are forwarding a political agenda choosing horrible opportunities that so often pop up.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Sorry to comment on my own post but I waited past the deadline to update it.

One other thought about today's shooting is that the shooting and ambush supposedly happened at a municipality building and although Virginia and that area was a open carry area where people can openly carry weapons usually city buildings and municipality buildings have restrictions that prohibit weapons even by the employees that work in those areas.  The trouble with those restrictions of saying NO Guns or No Weapons allowed is that criminals and mentally deficient people that are bent on doing things like this don't read and abide by those signs rather only law abiding citizens do and they aren't the threat in the first place.

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Last update I saw said that 13 were dead.  No word on motive or reason, it was only speculative to suggest but some said they felt it was motived by a workplace grievance such as being terminated.  What remains to be seen is the 13 killed and those wounded and if there was any race motivation.  Often when race is a motive it depends on the offender and who they are as to whether the motive is published and commented on.  If however the shooter had been white and minorities had been those shot you can be assured it would be treated far more than the protest in Charlotte, NC when the monuments were being torn down.  In the case of Charlotte it was a hate crime but the victim and the offender were of the same race but still the White Nationalist factor was played up even to the point that the liberal media took a Trump quote totally out of context and made it into something that fit their own agenda.  

That wasn't the only time that the media played sole source of truth when NBC took recordings of Zimmerman and edited them to make it appear that Zimmerman was racist when the actual recording didn't meet their agenda.

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