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It's hard to believe that any state would consider electing a 30 year old as the state attorney general.  Especially one that's had just a little legal experience as an attorney--and one handling civil rights cases.  

I was once close friends with a long standing state senator that is now deceased.  He used tell me how absolutely corrupt Don Siegelman was, and went as far as to say the governor's henchmen covered the state seeking payola from anyone doing business with the state.   My state senator friend said that Siegelman's administration made Gov. George Wallace;s administration look like a pack of choir boys--far worse.

Old time politics was big in road construction payola.  Modern day politics have things like $2 million studies on how to invest in computer systems that was without basis and just a few pages long.  Then computers were purchased and never used.  Times have changed somewhat.

The government finally got Gov. Siegelman for what they could easily prove and for what wouldn't be an embarrassment to those in state government.  But the Guv still wouldn't take his punishment and shut up.

The question is why would we ever elect any Siegelman to any state government position, much less such an important post?

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