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'Biblically balanced agenda': Anti-abortion evangelicals endorse Biden over Trump


A group of anti-abortion evangelicals on Friday endorsed Joe Biden, saying that in areas other than abortion, the former vice president is more "pro-life" than President Trump.


"We believe that on balance, Joe Biden’s policies are more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life than those of Donald Trump," the group said in a statement. "Therefore, even as we continue to urge different policies on abortion, we urge evangelicals to elect Joe Biden as president."

The group, which includes several pastors formerly involved in Republican politics, former Christianity Today chairman John Huffman, and Jerushah Duford, the granddaughter of conservative evangelical leader Billy Graham, emphasized that while they remain opposed to abortion, Democratic policy proposals, such as "accessible health services for all citizens, affordable childcare, a minimum wage that lifts workers out of poverty" will reduce the number of abortions.

The group as a whole emphasized that evangelical voters must pursue a "biblically balanced agenda" and not vote for Trump solely on the merits of his opposition to abortion.

The group's decision came amid increased polarization over abortion, as both parties have taken harder stances on abortion. Trump has been heralded by anti-abortion activists as "the most pro-life president," a title he claimed when he became the first president to address the largest annual anti-abortion rally, the March for Life, in January. Biden, on the other hand, has dropped his past moderation on abortion, notably last year reversing his support for the Hyde Amendment, a provision that bans federal funding for most abortions.

The Democratic National Convention this year adopted a platform embracing the expansion of abortion access. Prior to the convention, a group of anti-abortion Democrats, including Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, signed a letter calling on the party to avoid endorsing "divisive" policies such as "codifying Roe v. Wade" and "repealing the Hyde Amendment."

"We should not cede large swathes of the United States to the Republican Party," the letter said. "In the U.S., pro-life Democrats have been a critical part of the coalition to expand voting rights, improve health care, and pass criminal justice reform. These accomplishments would not have been possible if the Democratic Party had in place a litmus test on abortion."

At the presidential debate on Tuesday, Biden leaned into his party's increasingly hard-line stance on abortion, accusing Trump of putting Roe "on the ballot" by appointing Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic who is personally opposed to abortion, to the Supreme Court. Trump denied the claim, echoing Barrett's assertion that her personal beliefs will not affect her jurisprudence.

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