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The only reason it would be Trinity would be because he saw his face. But the killer reached for the wallet. To me that means the killer wants it to look like a robery. Had he reached for the tape recorder I'd say it was Trinity. I just don't think that would be his MO.

I have doubts about Anton too but he did have a scene that made him look like he might be a jealous lover.
Michael C. Hall plays Dexter. Prior to this, he played David Fisher, the gay brother, in Six Feet Under, another great HBO series. He was born in 1971 so he was just a teen during the 80s and according to the Internet Movie Database, his first credit was in 2003.

Last year, he married Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his sister Debra on the show.
The ending was a huge shock. I had a feeling something was going to happen to her, but no idea it was going to be that.

She was one of my favorite characters, I'm disappointed she's gone. It's going to really change the dynamic of the next season.

I wish Lithgow had survived somehow, I would have liked to see another season with him. That guy was incredibly creepy.
Originally posted by David L.:
I didn't see it coming but I'm glad she's gone. I thought she was whiny and the whole "family" storyline was boring. I like Dexter single!

True. I'm afraid the single dad storyline will be just as annoying though.

Nash, you're right. The writers are going to have a difficult time topping Lithgow's character. Hopefully, he has an equally evil twin.
Originally posted by AtomAnt:
I see Quinn going down next season.

I hope you're right. I don't think the guy is that great of an actor and his character seems a little too dumb to be a detective. He seemed to just be in the way the whole time.

It's going to be a long wait until then. It was a great way to wrap up a season while still leaving everyone hanging.

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