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i have gone every year and have bought a ticket way in advance every year, but the line up this year sucks. they do have a lot of great bands, but nothing like years past.
i will still go, but haven't bought a ticket yet.
might get one from ebay or when i get there. (an extra from someone)
what sucks is all the bands i want to see are playing at the same times on different stages/different days. amazing how they have a ton of slots when no one is playing that i want to see. also, kings of leon for a headliner? WEAK!!!!! i wish they were playing on sunday night so i could leave sunday night before the headliner plays to head home.

weak line up, but it will still be amazing!
counting down the days.
-----> Laissez les bon temps rouler <-----
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my 9th bonnaroo and i had a blast!
got my ticket for $140.00 which is what the scalpers were paying then selling for $222.00 and up.
the line up was great because it gave me more time to hang at the camp site.
stevie wonder put on a great show. so did steve martin. was running on 3 hours of sleep a night.
bonnaroo is an amazing music festival, but talk about HOT!!!
Seems like it originally was about jam bands. These days, it wouldn't surprise me if KISS headlined, and I am a fan of theirs.

kiss headlined voodoo fest in new orleans last year. the day after the show i was having lunch at a sports bar. was sitting at the bar next to gene simmon's right hand man. he told me how kiss had never heard of voodoo fest and had a blast as did the crew. i told him how kiss would be perfect to headline bonnaroo. he had never heard of bonnaroo but would pass the word onto gene. i would LOVE to see kiss there.

Firedancer, it's a shame you couldn't have seen it. dave brought it! they do allow taping.

willsfc, thanks for the link!

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